Microlight Flights


  Microlight flight tours ENG Air Transportation companies within our company is an organization made ​​. Microlight aircraft are covered very light . Specifically designed to sail wing mounted engines , called a cabin microlight aircraft is produced by bonding . Total weight not exceeding 490 kg aerial vehicles that are for 2 people . An area of ​​150 to 200 meters can easily up and down . Which has a top speed of 120 km with an average of 80 this aerial vehicles specially designed engine that produces 110 horsepower with 60 to possess and can stay in the air for 7-8 hours . Also to be used in case of emergency called BRS parachute rockets and 500 kg carrying capacity are available.
   Our tour microlight flights within our company which was established in the town of Manavgat in Antalya province has performed in our facilities . Microlight flights with customers who want to make our special service tools collected from the hotel are brought to our facility . Here are our passengers pre-flight briefing by the pilot is dressed in a special windproof thermal flight suit . Microligh passengers put on by the pilot , along with the engine to run off the track is going alone . The coordinates of the facilities within the coastal , tourist facilities , the total 25 -minute flight over the sea and then , again, our facilities are descending flight termination . To be free as a bird , to touch the clouds and you want to spend a pleasant moment to call us to do . Wishing to meet the sky ....