Our company ENG Air Transport within the company , ENG Air Taxi is our organization conducted as business . Air Taxi Operations, with a maximum seating capacity of 19 air vehicles , scheduled , non-scheduled passenger and freight transport companies is called capable of . ENG Air Taxi , the pearl of Turkey , which will be implemented for the first time in the Mediterranean region have been making an organization . In our company with the air tool , Gazipasa carry passengers from the airport to the surrounding provinces want to open a new page in the regional aviation .
   By our company for this purpose , also widely used in the world , with passenger capacity of 12 , 1 Cessna Grand Caravan EX-type air intake is made . Our aircraft , passengers safe and comfortable journey include all the equipment to do . ENG Air Taxi flights will be made as our routes ;
Gazipasa - Cyprus Ercan Airport
Gazipasa - Hatay Airport
Gazipasa - Adana Airport
Gazipasa - Nevsehir Airport
Gazipasa - Kayseri Airport
Gazipasa - Konya Airport
Gazipasa - Denizli Airport
Gazipasa - THK Selçuk Efes Airport
Gazipasa - Boat Tour ( out of Coast Gazipasa, Alanya Castle and Beach , Manavgat, Side )
Cyprus Ercan - Adana Airport
Cyprus Ercan - Hatay Airport
Cyprus Ercan - Gazipasa Airport
    These routes within our flights after 20 and 60 minutes to the desired point without wasting time you can reach comfortably and quickly . Our friendly staff , an expert pilot with the unique beauty of our Mediterranean perform a flight in your hands. Book you to fly with us , please . Wishing to meet the sky ....